Kenyon Ro-Ro Table

The Kenyon’s Powered Ro-Ro Pedestal is available as a stand-alone unit or as a docking station to work in conjunction with other Kenyon equipment. All pedestals have either a manual or powered tilt mechanism, allowing for fluid to fall towards the drainage hole and out to the waste. If bought as a stand-alone unit the waste returns into the pedestal itself and if purchased as a docking unit, this waste will be part of the Foul sink.

The unit is mainly used as a docking station and can be used in conjunction with The Kenyon Double Sink or the Kenyon Dissecting and Grossing benches including many more Kenyon products.


  • Kenyon Tray Tilt
    Manual or Powered tilt
    Height adjustable via Hydraulic or Electric push button operation
  • Solo Kenon Ro- Ro Pedestal has end drainage facility with the waste being returned through the Ro-Ro pedestal
  • Kenyon Docking Station is compatible with other Kenyon equipment
  • Rotational distances are available to suit the client
  • Kenyon can fit a Double Socket splashproof and IP 67 Rated Trigger Gun Spray Mixer Unit with Kenyon Hose and Trigger Gun attachment

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