2 Door 6 & 8 Capacity Body Chamber

WJ Kenyon manufacturers thermally efficient 6 and 8 capacity single door Body Chambers in various panel thicknesses. WJ Kenyon’s integration of thermal barrier profiles into their Coldroom production highlights their dedication to optimising thermal dynamics. By incorporating these profiles, they enhance insulation and temperature control, ultimately leading to energy efficiency and reliable preservation. This advanced approach sets them apart as a provider of effective and well-engineered Coldroom solutions, making them a trusted choice in the industry.

WJ Kenyon 316 Stainless Steel Body Chamber Racking utilising full width or Stub Rollers

WJ Kenyon’s use of 316 Stainless Steel Body Chamber Racking, incorporating options for both full-width and stub rollers, demonstrates their dedication to quality and versatility. This high-grade material and thoughtful design ensure durability and ease of use, making their products a reliable and efficient choice for body storage needs.

WJ Kenyon 316 Stainless Steel Body Chamber Racking with full heigh adjustability

WJ Kenyon’s incorporation of full height adjustability in their 316 Stainless Steel Body Chamber Racking showcases their commitment to customisation and functionality. This feature allows for flexible storage arrangements, accommodating various needs and sizes while maintaining the durability and hygiene that stainless steel offers.

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