Autopsy Table with Extractor

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and safety in your mortuary facility with the WJ Kenyon Autopsy Table with Extractor. This state-of-the-art table offers a hygienic workspace, enhanced accuracy, and convenience, it sets a new standard in the industry.

Durable Construction and Easy Maintenance

Built with premium stainless steel, the Autopsy Table with Extractor ensures exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The non-porous surface makes cleaning and maintenance effortless, ensuring a hygienic and safe workspace for both personnel and the deceased. This table is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of autopsy procedures, providing long-lasting performance for your facility.

Efficient Extractor System

The Autopsy Table with Extractor features an efficient system that clears noxious gases at the workspace level. This technology creates a clean and odor-free environment, promoting comfort for personnel and maintaining the integrity of the autopsy process. With this advanced extractor system, you can focus on delivering accurate results while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Perforated Upper Plate and Integrated Sink

The work surface of the Autopsy Table with Extractor includes a perforated upper plate for fluid drainage and an integrated sink with elbow command-controlled taps. These features ensure efficient removal of fluids and provide convenient access to hot and cold water for cleaning and washing purposes, maintaining a hygienic and organized workspace.

In-Built Electric Macerator for Sample Management

The Autopsy Table with Extractor is equipped with an in-built electric macerator, allowing safe and efficient grinding of small tissue samples that may enter the drainage system. This feature streamlines workflow, ensures proper disposal of samples, and minimizes the risk of contamination, enhancing efficiency and sample management throughout the autopsy process.

Electric Height Adjustment for Ergonomics

With electric height adjustment, the Autopsy Table with Extractor provides seamless and precise adjustments to the work surface. This allows personnel of varying heights to achieve optimal working conditions, reducing strain and fatigue during procedures. Create an ergonomic setup tailored to individual needs, promoting comfort and focus throughout the autopsy process.

Enhanced Safety Measures

The Autopsy Table with Extractor includes an in-built safety device on the shower head lever, cutting off power to the extractor when water is used. This intelligent safety feature ensures maximum protection during wet procedures, providing peace of mind and allowing personnel to concentrate on delivering accurate and efficient autopsy services.

Upgrade your mortuary facility with the cutting-edge WJ Kenyon Autopsy Table with Extractor, designed to enhance efficiency and safety in modern autopsy procedures. Contact us today.

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