In the intriguing world of television dramas, attention to detail is paramount to immerse viewers fully into the storyline. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the authenticity of the sets, particularly when it comes to depicting forensic laboratories and autopsy rooms. Enter WJ Kenyon, a renowned supplier of forensic equipment, whose pivotal role in the hit TV drama “Waking The Dead” deserves recognition.

When the BBC sought to enhance the authenticity of “Waking The Dead,” they turned to WJ Kenyon for assistance. Recognising the importance of accuracy in portraying forensic procedures, the production team approached WJ Kenyon to provide a crucial element: a full Autopsy Table in Stainless Steel.

The collaboration between WJ Kenyon and the BBC was not merely transactional; it was an opportunity for both parties to showcase their expertise and dedication to their respective crafts. For WJ Kenyon, being approached by such a prestigious television production was a testament to their reputation for excellence in providing forensic equipment.

The delivery of the Autopsy Table marked a significant milestone in the partnership between WJ Kenyon and “Waking The Dead.” The table, now a centerpiece in the main laboratory set of the series, not only added visual authenticity but also provided the actors with a realistic environment in which to portray their roles.